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Latest News & Updates at Switchback Cycles

What to Take on a Long Bike Ride This Summer

Anthony Hood | 20/07/2021 11:00:00

Warm weather, long days and plenty of sunshine make summer the perfect time to increase the length of your bike rides. Naturally, longer rides call for a little more planning than your average morning commute or weekend cruise around your local park. So, whether you’re setting off on a half day adventure or gearing up for.... More

Cycling vs. Running – Which is Better for You?

Anthony Hood | 10/07/2021 16:22:00

Accessible to pretty much anyone, cycling and running are two of the most popular sports in the world. While both are terrific when it comes to burning calories and improving your cardiovascular health, there are also some big differences to consider. Below, we’ve outlined a simple cycling vs. running comparison, including the differences.... More

What is a Hybrid Bike and Why Should I Buy One?

Anthony Hood | 20/06/2021 15:23:00

If you love the feeling of scoring the best of both worlds, a hybrid bike should absolutely be on your radar. Loved by commuters, adventure seekers and weekend warriors alike, hybrid bikes combine the urban-friendly characteristics of a road bike with the tough-as-nails features of a mountain bike. The result? Excellent general-purpose bicycles that can take.... More

The 5 Best Cycling Apps to Help You Stay Motivated

Anthony Hood | 10/06/2021 15:21:00

Even the keenest cyclists can sometimes find it hard to set off on a rainy day commute or get out of bed for a crack-of-dawn ride. The good news is, there are plenty of apps out there to give you the push you need. From fitness tracking to route mapping, here’s 5 of.... More

The Ultimate Guide to Commuting by Bike

Anthony Hood | 20/05/2021 10:01:00

Not only is cycling a more planet-friendly way to commute to work, but it also slashes time spent on public transport and makes social distancing easy. Transitioning to a bike from a car, bus or train carriage may seem challenging at first, but with the right tips and tricks you’ll soon be a convert. .... More

National Bike Week 2021 – How to Get Involved

Anthony Hood | 10/05/2021 09:58:00

National Bike Week is on the horizon and we’re gearing up for one of our favourite seven-day stretches of the year! Spanning from May 30 to June 5, Bike Week celebrates all things cycling and at Switchback we’re calling on everyone to get involved. “Bike Week, delivered by Cycling UK, is an annual.... More

The Best Cycling Shoes for Beginners

Anthony Hood | 20/04/2021 14:05:00

While a good bike is of course important, what many newbie riders don’t realise is that gear can have a big impact on the cycling experience. Shoes are especially important as they support and protect your feet, which are ultimately what power your bicycle. Why do good cycling shoes matter for beginners? Not only.... More

How to Plan a Cycle Route: Things to Consider

Anthony Hood | 10/04/2021 13:52:00

The COVID-19 pandemic sparked a sharp rise in cycling, a trend that we hope is here to stay. From daily commutes to working up a weekend sweat, we’ve seen Brits across the country embrace travel on two wheels. Preparation can make a big difference to your experience, which is why we encourage all.... More

Crucial Cycling Safety Equipment That Every Rider Needs

Anthony Hood | 18/03/2021 09:34:00

From boosting your fitness to improving your posture, cycling has a range of great health benefits. Taking to the open road on your trusty bike is a brilliant form of exercise – and it can work wonders for your mental wellbeing, too. But unfortunately, this wonderful pastime isn’t always risk-free..... More

How To Get Fit And Lose Weight Cycling

Anthony Hood | 10/03/2021 09:18:00

Whatever your current fitness level, cycling is an excellent form of exercise. Brilliant for beginners and experts alike, it’s a low-impact activity that can be easily modified to help you achieve your goals. Want to start cycling to get fit and lose weight? You’re in the right place. In this post, we’ll share.... More

A Complete Guide to Kali Protectives

Anthony Hood | 20/02/2021 12:21:00

When it comes to gearing up for a ride, the best equipment is made for cyclists, by cyclists. Kali Protectives is one of our all-time favourite brands for this reason, fronted by a team of bike crazy enthusiasts just like us. Here’s a glimpse at what’s on offer from the award-wining company. A.... More

Cycling During Lockdown – What’s Allowed?

Anthony Hood | 10/02/2021 11:25:00

If there’s been one silver lining to COVID, it’s the nation’s newfound appreciation for cycling. The pandemic triggered a boom in bicycle sales, as Brits across the country began to look for new, socially distanced ways to exercise and get outdoors. Heightened concerns over public transport also prompted more people to pedal to work, instead of.... More

Road Cycling in Winter: Everything You Need to Know

Anthony Hood | 20/01/2021 11:21:00

Clear blue skies and crisp air can make winter an incredible season for cycling. But of course, the season also comes with its challenges. Wet weather, salty roads and less daylight are just some of the factors that can compromise safety and performance in the winter months. Luckily there are plenty of steps you can take.... More

Cycling Weekly Awards – Winners Revealed

Anthony Hood | 06/01/2021 11:15:00

Every year the cycling community holds its breath as leaders, high achievers and trailblazers are honoured at the annual Cycling Weekly Awards. The awards celebrate the crème de la crème in road cycling, as selected by the editors of Britain’s best-selling cycling magazine. This year we’re taking a look at the victors and bringing you the.... More

5 Reasons to Keep Cycling Through Winter

Anthony Hood | 18/12/2020 09:13:00

Cycling in winter is essential for those who commute on two wheels. It’s also pretty important for those who want to keep their fitness levels up and avoid undoing all their good work from the rest of the year. But no matter how much you enjoy cycling during the summer, it’s always harder to find the.... More